Wednesday, September 28, 2011

omelette fried rice

 So it happened when my parents are out of town and we didn't have any maid at home, me and my brother had to stay at home and took care of the house. I was in charged in making breakfast, so i decided to make the most common breakfast for Indonesian which is fried rice.

This time i wanna share with you how to make an omelette fried rice. I ate this kind of fried rice in a Japanese restaurant. In Japanese, this kind of food is called omurice. I love Japanese food and that is kind of my specialty in cooking. So I'm gonna show you how to make my version of omurice. The ingredients i used are the ones that can be found in (hopefully) everywhere. If you don't have the ingredients, you can always substitute it with other.
 2 shallots
2 Garlics
spring onions
well, you may whether or not use carrot. you can substitute carrots with green peas or even sausages that u have cut into dices. 

 these sauces you may not able to find it anywhere in your house. you can go to Asian store and look for these bottles. you may whether use them or not. But some is very crucial like the Sweet soy sauce (kecap) and white pepper. If you dont have sweet soy sauce, you can use ordinary soy sauce instead and add more sugar. 

Cook everything inside the frying pan except rice and eggs. I don't really measure how much should i put in, i just eye it or feel it by heart. After the carrots get soft and the chicken meat is cooked, you may add the rice.

when you add the rice inside the frying pan, you can start stirring. make sure that everything get mixed with the rice. keep on mixing with a low heat stove until the rice become all brown.

 After you're done with the rice, get a non sticky pan and make an omelette. This is definitely the fun part. after the omelette is half cook, put the rice on top on the omelette and form a taco shape.
And then flip it to your plate. There you have omelette fried rice, my version of omuric. i hope you give a try. 

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