Monday, September 12, 2011

My new old-camera

So, it started when I was cleaning up my dad's cabinet and i found these two old film camera we used before digital camera was existed. This is so cool. I'm as happy as a little kid who found her old toys.
i checked on them and they are still working. The only thing i need is a pair of AA batteries. I can't wait to try them. the only thing matters is i have to find a place to get my film developed. Unlike the digital camera, all we need is a card reader and that's all. Well, i think that's the fun part of it. Anything that turns out in the picture is a surprise. It could be something unexpected. So, i'm very excited to use this, again.


  1. hihi, cool! :) my dad even buy some old cameras from the flea market :D visit me please. :) i'm your newest follower:*

    do you have LOOKBOOK? please hype, if you like :)

  2. haha i know right. this is mine now. haha. sure will. :)


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