Friday, September 2, 2011

Food trip in Pekalongan

December 2010, my family and i traveled to west of java. We stayed in a small city called Pekalongan. It is often called as Batik city because it's where batik pekalongan come from. The reason why we went here it was because of my dad's business trip. It wasn't that bad, because we got to have our own trip as well.

We stayed in a Chinese hotel, so we got to eat delicious crispy frogs. Some people have phobias of height or small room, but my phobia is actually frogs. I hate the fact that frogs has slimy skin and fat butt. yes, i just hate frogs. These crispy frogs is exceptional. They're awesome and tasted so good!

 Tv was on, because we were watching football match between Indonesia and Malaysia. Here in Indonesia, Football is a big deal. People would actually wake up at 3 am just to watch their favorite team. I wouldn't do that because i don't have favorite team. well, as of this moment, Football and fried frogs is a good deal for me.

When morning came, we hit the road to go food tripping. It was a hot sunny day and there's nothing better than a bowl of es campur (mixed ice). It has durian flesh, coconut flesh, black jelly, pandan syrup and of course ice in one bowl.

For starter, we had Tempe mendoan and pecel. For those of you who doesn't know what's tempe, you may click the link. It is one of Indonesian Primary food for commoners. Mendoan is a Javanese cooking of tempe using flour and seasoning then they fried it. Pecel is Javanese salad with peanut sauce seasoning. it's definitely healty for everybody.

And finally the main course is deep fried local chicken and pe-te with sambal. Pe-te is some kind of vegetable here in Indonesia. Some people may not like Pe-te because it made your mouth smells after eating it. it has a bit of bitter taste but it complimented the saltiness of the chicken and sweet spicy of sambal if you eat it all together with warm rice. When i saw the sambal, i was kind of hesitated to eat because of the bright red color. i thought i would be as spicy as hell. but then, when i tried it, it wasn't that bad. It's spicy and sweet at the same time. Javanese are tend to choose sweet than spicy, so don't be afraid if you go inside Javanese restaurant.

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