Friday, September 2, 2011

My pancake

 After so many years, my childhood best friends and i are finally reunited. Meet two of my elementary bff (best friend forever) Laras and Marsha . Back in Elementary years, we were so close than you ever imagine. Years went by and we finally met in the collage year.  There might be a little bit changes in our appearance, but personalities ain't changed at all. They are still the girls i met back in elementary years. 
So, two days after my flight from manila, we set a date to meet each other. This is actually the second time we met since i moved to manila. The first time was in my first year i stayed in manila, during my summer vacation in Jakarta. now since i have finished my college, i returned home to Jakarta and it felt so wonderful got to meet them. 
We had dinner in My Pancake that is located in Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta Indonesia. They both had pasta, while i chose Fish and chips. In the end, we had a black delight pancake and waffle for dessert with vanilla ice cream on top. it was definitely the highlight of the night. We were still craving for some more dessert, so then we went to have yogurt at Jco .

i don't care how little friends i have, but to have one like them is a gift.

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