Monday, September 26, 2011

Closet Investment: Little Black Dress

 So, it was started when i moved out from Manila to Jakarta. I had one big luggage full of clothes. When i say full i mean to the point when i needed to sit on top of my luggage in order to close it properly. That's one luggage i brought and i still have another full luggage i left there. When i arrived home in Jakarta, I opened my clothes closet and i had to say, i was speechless. My closet was also full already. That made me come up with an idea. I have to donate some of my clothes or open for a garage sale.

In this post, I want to share with you how to edit your closet. I think most of girls, when they are getting ready in the morning, They always have nothing to wear while they have closet full of clothes. It happens to all girls including me. That's why i want to start editing my closet by picking which clothes stay and go away. When you open your closet, ask your self, how many item in there do you actually wear? How many of those items make you feel good about your self?
I'm pretty sure you have clothes that you always wear and clothes that you never even look or touch. I have clothes that i really like because of so many reasons except wearing it. Sometimes, some clothes look better hanging in the store than in my body. Now, those clothes are just hanging in my closet because i already bought it. There are also clothes that don't fit me anymore because I'm, well, growing up. Those clothes is better off be donated than stay old in my closet.

Well, aside from throwing some clothes away, i also realized that i have to edit my style. I realized that i have so many clothes that still in good condition and that should stop me from going shopping. All i have to do is to mix and match what is already there. Be creative and confident is the key. I hope after reading this, you all won't say "i have nothing to wear" anymore.

This time, you will need the so-called Little black dress (lbd) in your closet. It is a very good investment for you and your entire fashion life. If you have to throw everything in your closet and keep one, you got to pick lbd. You all know that lbd was invented by coco chanel. In Its Simplicity, it make you effortlessly stylish. In its Sophistication, it make you look endlessly elegant. Lbd also gives the slimming effect. For your information, black is not color. Black is the absence of color or light. Black absorbs all aspect of lights. it doesn't reflect lights at all and that's why it conceals.

Now, i'm going to show you how to wear lbd for different occasions. I'm also going to show you how to mix and match with other items in your closet. In the picture below, i have a fitted lbd. I'm not really sure the material of this dress, but i'm sure it will fit perfectly in everybody because it's kind of stretchable. It's is very comfortable. Not so much revealing, but it can still make you sexy because it shapes your body perfectly.

If you have nothing to wear to work or school, you can grab your ldb and layer it with a long cardigan. put a belt to define more your body curve and don't forget to accessorize by adding a necklace.

Imagine your lbd as a blank canvas. You may wear your printed skirt over it and a statement necklace.

You can also wear it in a casual way in summer days. Wear a shorts over it and layer it again with an a blouse or cardigan. Don't forget to accessorize with your boots and shades.

 Aside from the slimming effect, lbd can make your body look taller. All you have to do is by pairing it with black thighs and boots. try to wear accessories like earrings and headbands so that all the attention will be in your face and that makes you slimmer and taller on the bottom.
 You can always layer it with over-sized top. But to keep the curve of your body, try to put a belt on.
 Lbd is also best to stand by it self. But remember to always accessorize. Black dress is elegant and formal, but remember, it is a blank canvas. You don't want it to look empty. Try to put a statement in your blank canvas. Bag, clutch, shoes and belt are also accessories you can play with it too.

For those who have a fluffy lbd made from tulle, you may want to add some items on the top part because you can't do much with the tulle skirt. If your lbd is heavy on the top, try add items on the bottom like the pictures above. Now, i'm going to show you is the vice-versa.

If you don't feel comfortable showing too much skin, you can cover it using a scarf. Just warp it around your shoulder and you're good to go. You can use the scarf as an accessories by draping it around your neck and make a bow or simple knot.

 You can always wear a top or cardigan over your lbd and i think this is very cute for going on a date, because you will still look sophisticated and yet you can still make a statement for yourself.
 Don't forget to accessorize! If you want to make your legs look longer, you can also wear a beige high heels. it will give an illusions of taller legs.
 For more of a professional look, you can wear a blazer in top of it and accessorize using scarf, earrings or necklace.
 Don't be afraid to experiment with your blank canvas. Don't follow trends, because trend will come and go easily.  Just like what Coco Chanel said, "Fashion fades, style is eternal." Choose a style that define you as you're self, not anybody else. Wear clothes that makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel good that means you're wearing confident in you and that what makes you look good.

In the picture below, i was wearing my little black dress with the traditional costume from Celebes Island in Indonesia (Sulawesi). I paired it with pairs of ankle boots too. So dare your self to be creative.

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