Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My experience working in Trans TV in 2011

Hi All,

It literally has been ages since my last posts. I have never thought of writing blogs again since I was working and being an employee. Here I'm going to share a little bit of my experience working in Media. I'm purely just sharing about my experience, I have no any bad intention towards anyone or any company what so ever.

The very first Job I applied was Trans TV and luckily I was accepted. I worked there for almost a year as a one of the creative team. My background was in production design course, so i thought it would suit me to work in media. Having background studying in the Philippines, I have a little bit struggle at first adapting with the Indonesian work ethic. Although it was not much of a different, but still I had to adapt to it. Everybody who is in a new place must adapt. That's what we all have to do.

Being excited on my first day, I arrived at the office before 9 am. I was brought to my working area at 8th floor by one of the HR staff. I remembered she told me to sit in one of the table right in from of my division head office because he was not around yet. I found out it was his PA's table, and yet the PA wasn't around as well. Then I was wondering, why is the whole floor is so empty. By empty i mean, no people around on working hour. I thought they were all on meeting or going for outing. But No, they were not arrived yet.

The office started to come alive at around 1 pm, or after lunch. So you can imagine, if they arrive at 1 PM, what time will they go home. I finally met my boss, the division head. He assigned me to a show that has not shown on TV yet, called Teater Komedi ( in English Comedy Theater). Then I met my new team. I wasn't sure if i can work in team, but i tried my best by at least being as friendly as possible and not forget their names. Oh wells, I don't think I would recall how did I go with that team. The first team that i met was okay, but as the time, the keep adding new people in and some new producers in. So as people want to be seen, they tried to compete to kiss the producers ass. So it was just me, left alone being the only new comers whom they see as rug (keset).

I did not enjoyed every minute working in that show, with the team i was assigned. We just don't have the chemistry. They were nice, some of them were bossy and think they were the senior therefore they are the best. not mention the working hour. Very "efficient", by saying efficient means they were ready for brainstorm at 6 PM until midnight. We were at the office at 11 in the morning already, but they prefer to not working i guess. Then I was forced by the situation to brainstorm in the room full of smoking people. Geez, they can not think without cigarettes on their mouth.

During the shooting was even worse. They did the set up of everything (props, lighting, camera, etc) all in one time. Also the actors were rehearsing at the same time. It was tiring physically and mentally.

One day, during one of the shooting, I don't know how and why, one of the other executive producer called me and shift me to other program. I was super happy, without even finishing my shooting, I run immediately to her room and received the good news. After that, I went straight brainstorming with my new team. The show called Semangat Pagi.

I enjoyed the team more in here. The down part was only because the show is everyday and live in the morning. So we had to rush to find new topics to discussed, find the interviewees or narasumber, then find actor or famous person who are similar to the topics and check their schedule if still available or not. Then I had to make the story line and rundowns. Those rundowns must be approved by so many people. Last, if my division head does not agree, we had to change it. The comment my division head gave me was my rundown was too sophisticated, he want more cheesy. I had no idea in the world how to be as cheesy as he would.

So, my project turned out was not only that. With all this and that and with all sleepless night and working almost 17 hours, I finally gave up. Aside from those tiring work, i had to deal with some seniors who only want credit of your works. I remember I had to finished the rundown with my team at 11 PM, then go home for some sleep and stand by again at the office at 6 AM. All of those working rhythm might be fun and enjoyable for some people who are passionate in Media and creative industry. By that time, I realized this is not my passion and not where I belong. So after I resigned, I never look back.

This is a few picture of me, staying late at night. still working. I remember the day when I chat with my friend while at the office. It was 10.30 PM and I was already used to staying late at the office. Then my friend ended the chat saying she needed to sleep because it was late already. Then I saw my watch thinking, she said it's late already, while I still in the office doing things that seemed normal for people who work in media. It touched my heart. I wasn't here for the pay (obviously), because I needed experience. And I thought I had it with me already, but I lost my connection to the outside world, my friends and family, and most importantly, my self. I had no time for my self.

I would never forget about this working experience ever in my life. I'm actually grateful to have it because it shaped me to become who I am now. I have learned so many things. True they said, this place is the place to learn not to earn.

PS: Oh, there's one more funny story about my senior who worked with me and the team in Semangat Pagi. She came to the office being the last one to arrive and then she left to pray (Shalat, in muslim), She went back 30 mins later. Then not in a long time, she left again for lunch. She was back after 2 hours. Then she left again for another prayer / Shalat for 1 hour. Then She was back and looking for afternoon snacks already. After we all finished with our work and ready for approval from our producers, She was back and sit in as if she was doing the work. I found out that this is how she survive working in media. So guys, if you want to survive working in media (in indonesia), maybe you can follow her way. hehehe!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

cotton candy sky

One afternoon sunset, the sky was in color pink. I couldn't help it but to take picture of it. I really love it because it reminds me of cotton candy. I hope you all enjoy it as much as i do.

Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Lip balm

Broken Lipsticks container? That's bad, because you won't be able to use it again properly, messy everywhere and worse thing is your lipstick maybe infected by bacteria and bad thing may come to your lips. That is definitely bad condition for us girls. It happened to me. My lipstick had accidentally fallen a few times and made my lipstick container dysfunction. I had a hard time closing it because it won't slide up or down. I ended up broke my lipstick. After that, it looked and felt weird on my lips. So, I decided to transfer it to a new container. You can use any kinds of small container. I prefer the portable one, the one that is lighter, easy to carry and smaller. Old contacts container will work, but of course you can be creative with things around you. 

 Here's the things that i used. I'm gonna show you how to make new tinted lip balm as well, that's why I used Petroleum jelly. Candle to melt down the lipsticks. Metal Spoon is where the lipstick going to be melted and tooth pick to stir or scoop it out of the container. I'm gonna be using Lip gloss to add glitters on my lip balm later on and of course you will need your Lipsticks.

When all the ingredients are gathered, you can start it off, by scooping out all of the lipstick from your old container to your metal spoon. Then light up the candle and bring your spoon on top of your candle. You have to carefully watch the lipstick as it melts down, because if the spoon gets too hot, the melted lipstick will start to boil, and that is not good. when it does starting to boil, remove from the direct flame from the cable and stir with your tooth pick. 

When it's all melted, you can carefully transfer it to your new container. In my case, i use my old contact lenses container. After you have transfer everything, tap it gently for a few times, to remove excess bubbles. 

On the other side of my container, I'm making a little tinted lip balm. I mixed my leftover lipstick, a bit of lip gloss and petroleum jelly. I used the same method by melt it down on the candle and tranfer it to my container as soon as it's all melted.

I told you to be more creative. You can use any small container around your house. You can even use a daily medicine container that has monday - friday boxes. This time, I found a very cute container. It's a tin candy box, small and light. It's perfect for my new lip balm. Since my spoon is not big enough to contain all of the lipstick and petroleum jelly, I changed the method a little bit. First, I transfer petroleum jelly and lip gloss as needed into my tin container. Then, I melted down my lipstick and transfer it directly to the tin container and mixed it up with the rest. And then, Voila!

My brand new Tinted Lip balm on a winnie the pooh tin container. All in one package. I got petroleum jelly to moisturize, lipstick to tint, and lip gloss to make it shine. I love it! 
Don't have to waste more money to buy new lip balm. beside, it has 3 in one benefits. 
I hope I inspire you to make one as well.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello again!

Location: Restaurant Mbah Jingkrak, Jakarta Indonesia July 2012

It's been ages, i haven't reposted anything in my blog. it was started when i got my first job in one of National Television. I got insanely busy. I had to get adapted to the working environment. I didn't even have time for my self. Apparently, i have resigned after 9 months. It may sounds like a short time to you, but it was like forever to me. I will explain on my next post. but for now, i promise my self, to blog as much as possible.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long vs short hair

Before my graduation day, i was thinking to have a graduation hair cut. I haven't had the idea of what type of hair cut i wanted. So i decided to just trip down my hair and have my split ends removed. After i arrived at the salon, i told the lady to cut my split ends. I don't what was in her mind, she immediately cut the hair in my back short. I wasn't aware of that until she brought all of my hair to the front. yes, i was shocked and speechless. All i could think of was to invent a time machine. How i wished real life was like editing pictures in photoshop, You can undo and redo things easily. 
Some people says i look better and fresher in shorter hair, some people still prefers my long hair.
Look at the bright side, at least i don't have split ends anymore. 

Before :

After :

Monday, November 7, 2011


On my Latest trip to manila, for graduation, i spent my Saturday night with these two lovely ladies. We had lunch at Korean fast food in Greenbelt 1, makati. This Korean Fast food is called Bon Chon. They have these amazing sweet and spicy fried chicken and chicken wings. The coating of the chicken is exceptional, Unlike KFC or McDonnalds chickens.

 Camille lent me her gorgeous tribal bag

 My funny shaped Lipstick.

 oh btw, don't mind my new hair cut. :p

And finally, We had Japanese for dinner. I have my own favorite Japanese restaurant in Glorietta 4. It is actually a very simple restaurant from the out side. But once you have tasted the food, it is surprisingly good. The restaurant is called Jipan. Don't forget to order their unlimited healthy green tea.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ocean of butterflies

I was searching on my computer, and i found this bunch of pictures i haven't uploaded for a long time. This was taken in last 2009. I helped my prof decorating a lobby of theater house with lots of butterfly made of colorful papers.

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