Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long vs short hair

Before my graduation day, i was thinking to have a graduation hair cut. I haven't had the idea of what type of hair cut i wanted. So i decided to just trip down my hair and have my split ends removed. After i arrived at the salon, i told the lady to cut my split ends. I don't what was in her mind, she immediately cut the hair in my back short. I wasn't aware of that until she brought all of my hair to the front. yes, i was shocked and speechless. All i could think of was to invent a time machine. How i wished real life was like editing pictures in photoshop, You can undo and redo things easily. 
Some people says i look better and fresher in shorter hair, some people still prefers my long hair.
Look at the bright side, at least i don't have split ends anymore. 

Before :

After :


  1. I think you look pretty either way :) You've got a great face shape!

  2. love the hair! x



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