Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY: Making Eyebrow stencil

I'm going to teach you how to make your own eyebrow stencil. if you have a problem shaping your brow, eyebrow stencil will make it easier and faster.
I, my self, have a hard time shaping two of my brows evenly. you can find eyebrow stencil in the nearest drug store or make up store, but i like to make it my self.
i'm gonna share it how, it's as easy and one two three..
Let's get started!

Go to google, and type Eyebrow stencils. Adjust the size before you print it out. 

Make sure it fits your eyebrows. 
Then Print it out on a tracing paper. 
If the lines are not so visible to you, darken it out with pen.

Cut it with cutter. 
Be careful and patient, 
because that's your eyebrows shape you are cutting.

and there you got your own eyebrow stencils.
isn't that easy? 
all you need now is eyebrow pencil and brush.

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