Monday, September 12, 2011

Balinese meet French tip nails

I'm trying to show you how to make a french tip nails with Balinese inspired. I remembered a few years ago when i went to Bali island, Indonesia, i got my nail art done by the locals in the beach. I only got to pay 5 bucks or 50k Rupiah. The lady who did my nails used as simple as a tooth pick to make flowers to my nails. it was very simple, fast and yet presentable. I loved it. So now, I'm gonna do it in my style.

Start off by cutting your nails to the desired shape. For this french nail, I prefer square shape for my nails. To make your nails square, all you have to do is cut on the center of you nails to achieve straight line. Use nail files to make it even more straight on the center. 
Once you get your desire shape, get a little bit of hand lotion and give a massage to your hands. rub a little bit to your nails as well so that the moisturizers will be absorbed by your nails. Leave it a few moment while you're preparing for the nail polish

For french tips, all you need is a white nail polish and transparent for base and top coating.

I put a thin base coat to protect my nails from colored nail polish because sometimes the color stays in my nails even i already removed it with acetone. After you have put on base coat, wait for five minutes for it to dry. Then prepare the white nail polish. Make sure that it is not too thick, because sometimes if you leave it open for a long time it would make top surface dry and when you shake it, it becomes thicker. If that happened to your nail polish, all you have to do is to add a little bit of acetone to the bottle, shake it a bit and you will have a normal consistency nail polish. Not too much of acetone because you don't want it to be too watery. Don't forget to close it tightly.
To make a prefect french tips, you need a steady hand, patient and practice. when you lift the brush from the container, make sure you get the right amount, not too much and not to little. if you think it's too much you can swipe the side of your brush on the top of container bottle.
If you're having a hard time making the line straight, my tips is to
get a masking tape and tape it to your nails. After you put the french tip on, remove carefully the tape or else it would stick to your nail polish.

After i'm done with all the four finger tips, i did flowers on the tip of my thumbs. You will need a dotting tool, but if you don't have it you can use a tooth pick. Make four white dots for each flowers. Then make another dot in the middle with different color. I'd prefer yellow because it would catch more attention. Unfortunately, I'm running out of yellow, so i used bronze instead. You can use other color such as pink, red, blue or your favorite color. Then I added thin white line to the tip of my thumb. Lastly, I put another layer of coat to prevent my french tip from chipping off.
This is how it looks like. i hope you like it and give a try.

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