Friday, September 2, 2011

Cendrawasih Dance

Back in manila, me and my friend performed Indonesian dance for Indonesian Embassy event. This was for the pre-independence day held in Diamond Hotel, Manila. The dance that we performed was a Balinese dance called Cendrawasih dance. it's a dance that imitated two peacock birds. Performing a traditional dance in front of foreigners is one of a kind experience i have ever had. it brought out different the feeling when you see them amazed by the costumes and the movements. if you're wondering where did i learned to dance, it started when i was a kid. my mom used to put me in traditional dance classes. Although i wished, she would have put me in ballet class or something. but it all worth it. 

The fun part about this is you get to eat in the hotel buffet for free. I took a plate full of salad with different dressings and cheese. it's heaven for me. Vegetables is hard to get and quite expensive, here in manila. My cravings for veggies was paid off. 

For the make up, as always, i did it by my self. The product that i used is PAC by Martha Tilaar. Their color is so vibrant and suitable for performances like this. 
The pictures is taken mostly by Putu Vida

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