Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Transform the basic to night out party make up

It's almost Friday! Friday is the time when you're excited for the weekend already. I know, you can't wait to hang out with your friends or boyfriend after class or work. So now i'm going to show you how to do a simple easy daily make up and transform it into party make up.  I have three looks for now: Basic daily make up, dinner date make up and night out party make up. I have listed the things that you need to bring in your make up pouch. Do you have a make up pouch? if you don't, then first step is to get one. If you don't have time to buy it, just use your old pencil case, but make sure it's clean. These are the things that you will need for this look. 
First thing that you need is eyeshadow. If you're planning to buy one, it is better to get the neutral color. Neutral color basically brown with different shades. The one in the picture has four different colors if you notice. (1) beige (2) light brown (3) brown (4) dark brown. Most of the time, if you buy a small box of an eyeshadow, you will get a sponge tip. You may use that instead of a brush. But if you do have eyeshadow brush, you may go and use it as well. so let's get started with the first look.

The first look is the daily eyes make up. This is very easy, simple and fast. This is actually my daily routine make up. So the first step, after you have apply your moisturizer and sun block, You may apply your foundation and concealer. If i don't go anywhere after class, i don't usually put foundation on for my everyday make up. A bit of concealer will do for a few coverage. But then, if i had an appointment right after class, i will put some foundation on and retouch. 

On the eyes, you have to prep your eyes using eyeshadow base. You may use cream eyeshadow with beige color or neutral color. if you don't have any, you may use your white eyeliner and just fill all over your eyelids and blend it with your hand so that it will melt eventually. The purpose of Eyeshadow base is to make your eyeshadow stay all day long in your eyes.

After you apply the eyeshadow base, Get your (1) beige or the lightest color eyeshadow and apply it all over the eye lids area with your brush or a sponge tip.  After you have applied it all over your lids area, get a little bit of (2) light brown eyeshadow and put at the end of your eyes and lightly bring it to the center. Don't get too much product on your sponge tip or brush because it's easier to add little by little until you get the perfect shade instead of trying to remove it because you've applied too much. Remember, you're going to class or work, of course you don't want to look as if someone just hit your eyes. So apply it lightly. It's suppose to make your eyes appear 3D and give shadow effects.

Get your black eyeliner and line your eyes as close as possible to the lash line. Not too thick, just right. Get your sponge tip again and try to smudge the eyeliner, so it will look as natural as possible. Curl your lashes using the lashes curler and apply your favorite mascara right after. Don't forget to put some mascara to your bottom lashes.  Get your white eyeliner again and put it in the corner of your eyes to brighten up your eyes.

You may want to shape your eye brows, put some blush on and lip balm to your lips. Then you're good to go. I think, it will take less than 20 minutes. Simple, fast and easy, right?

 So, after you have dismissed from class or work, you only have 10 minutes to change because you're going out on dinner with a special someone or just hang out with your friends. Let's get started with the second look.

 This is why i told you to bring your make up pouch. Get your sponge tip and a brown eyeshadow (3). Apply it at the end of your eyes and smudge it lightly to the center of your eyes. Now, you're allowed to make it darker but only at the end of your eyes to the center, as seen on the picture above. don't forget to blend! and again, you have to build the color little by little. Apply it also on the lower part of your eyes, only until the center of your eyes. Then, apply more white eye liner to the center of your eyes. Fix your lashes by curling it again and put a bit of mascara both on upper and lower lashes.

Don't forget to blot the access oil on your face with the compact powder. After you have worked all day, you need to look fresh. Get your blush on and add it to your cheeks. Add a bit of color to your lips using your favorite lipstick. That's all! You are now ready to go out and have dinner with you're special someone, even though you have wasted your day at school or office, you will still look bright and fresh. 

The night is not yet over. You will still head up to a party with you're friends and of course there will be a lot of picture taking. But, you only have less than 10 minutes to prepare. So let's get started on the third look!

Get your compact powder again remove the oily off your face. Get your sponge tip again and the darkest color of your eyeshadow (4). Apply it at the end of your eyes and just make it darker, but you have to leave the center to the front of your eyes light. Slightly, wing the dark eyeshadow to the side, as seen on the picture. apply it also on the lower part of your eyes, until the center part only. You don't wanna blcok the whole eyes because your eyes will appear smaller just like you apply your eyeliner. Don't forget your mascara.
It's gonna be a lot of picture takings, so apply more brush and lipstick because flash photography can remove 70% make up from our face in the picture as the flash reflecting. 

So that's all for now. I hope you enjoy reading it. Don't hesitate to leave some comments below and let me know what you think. I hope you all give a try. 

Special thanks for my pretty friend Carine for modeling.
If you're my friend, you know you're next to model if your phone rings and it shows my name. :D

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