Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dog's Day out

Last Saturday morning, i got an invitation from a friend to attend his club gathering. I was really excited when i knew it was sort of like a dog lovers club. He knew that i am also a dog person. I was born and raised with at least a dog in my house, so how could i not be a dog person. We all know and love one of dog's famous characteristic which is loyal to its owner. For me, dog is not only a pet. It is also a friend who always be there for me in my best and worse. That kind of characteristic is a gift for all dog owner. 

The club i was invited to called Dog's day out Indonesia. The event was held in Kota Wisata Cibubur and all dog lovers are welcomed to join and bring their dogs. It was actually really fun to meet other people who have the same interest as me. Not only the people, their dogs are also incredibly awesome too. I had a really great time there as i brought my dog, cindy, with me. 
Cindy is a Japanese Spitz girl i bought when i was in the Philippines. I had no regret at all adopting and bringing her here to Jakarta. She's like best friend for me and another daughter to my parents. We all love her and she loves us too. We have a bit of problem, she seems quite protective and that makes her can't socialized with other dogs. She shows her teeth every time other dogs try to get close to her. Maybe that's what it's called insecurity, I'm not quite sure. Well we all have some attitude problem, but she seems having fun during Dog's day out.

Indonesia is a Muslim majority country and that is why not much people like to pet dogs. Most people prefer cats, rabbits, and fish. i was actually surprised by how many people who came to the Dog's day out last Saturday. It seems they have as much enthusiasms as me despite of their religion. I'm glad that Indonesians nowadays are more open minded than before.

So here's some picture i got from Dog's day out Facebook. Funny story, i was ready with my camera when i was on my way to Kota Wisata. But when i clicked my camera, i realized that i have a camera without a memory card on it. what a waste!

Cindy and me

Can u spot which among these people who's holding a doll dog instead of a real dog in this picture?

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