Friday, October 7, 2011

US Higher Education Fair 2011

Last wednesday, I went to an Education Fair held by US embassy, located in Hotel Kartika Candra. After finishing the so-called undergraduate school, I went to this event to look for chances of studying abroad, specifically in the US. Well, I've been looking around and asked if their school offered Masters degree in Art and design. Unfortunately, not all of them offer art  and design for Masteral and if they do, some of them don't offer a scholarship for, again, Masteral. It's so unfair that, us, artists are somehow being discriminated and forgotten. They only offer scholarships for those chemists, biologist, politics, et cetera. What i am trying to tell is that, artists are also brilliant, smart and bright, so give us scholarship too!

Well, on the bright side, going there and actually stealing brochures, pens and bottled water is actually fun. Thanks to my Partner in crime for taking and accompanying me all the way there.

I had quite a long discussion with this Troy University guy. My friend and i thought that his booth had the best logo design which made us come and asked for the brochures. (He took it off already in this picture) 
me: Hello, can i please have the brochure?
him: unfortunately, i cant.
me: huh? why?
him: Because i'm running out of brochures and tomorrow i still have to go to a school in Bandung.
me: that's too bad for me. (giving a puppy eyes)
him: if you want, you can go to airport because i have the whole box of brochures. The custom took it and won't let me get it.
me: huh?! how come? 
him: I have no idea, i have no problem in other countries, only in here. well, if you can get it for me, i'll give you a free t-shirt.
me: I don't want a free t-shirt. If i can get it for you, i want a free scholarship! (evil face)
him: -___________-"

That's why my Chinese friend called me a Chinese too, because I bargain or haggle like one (which i'm not). He didn't give me either a brochure or a scholarship, but he did give me a bookmark. 

Here's some brochures and pens i took home. I even took home fresh milk brochure.  

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